• Allows you to choose from any of the preset times that best fit your schedule
  • Can be used separately or concurrently with one another (example: Morning only or use morning and evening)
  • ​Timer turns ON during these times and OFF outside of these times
  • Fully customizable times
  • Program when you want your timer to turn ON and when to turn OFF
  • Use timer only when you need it most
  • Can be used with preset times (example: Morning used with My On time set for 2am will turn your lights on at 2am and off at 8am)

Countdown Features

My ON/OFF Times

  • Buttons light up to let you know what programs you are running
  • Screw terminals for in-walls allow for easier install
  • No wires cluttering your wall box
  • Blue backlit LCDs (in-wall only)

Pre-set Times

  • Hit the countdown and scroll up and down for 1 minute up to 24 hours
  • Use the countdown feature to turn your lights or electronic devices ON and counts down to shut it OFF
  • Timer will begin to countdown after no buttons are pushed for 5 seconds and shuts OFF when it reaches 0​​